The Jesus Manifesto

I recently received a disk from a Christian radio show, including a mix of messages, music, and some good articles. But I especially want to highlight one: The Jesus Manifesto: A Call to Revolution by Dr. Michael L. Brown. I believe every Christian in America needs to read this. It sends a reeling blow to comfortable, cultural Christianity. To people who go to church once or twice a week, talk about God, study the Bible, leave feeling smarter, like they’ve done their duty, and return to a worldly lifestyle. Forgetting the lost around them, forgetting that people observe to see if anything’s different. The things that Jesus did and said, the very words of God, were the most revolutionary, counter-cultural things that could’ve been said then and now. It’s time for believers to live those words.

Another resource to check out on the same theme is Eric Sandra’s Plastic Jesus: Exposing the Hollowness of Comfortable Christianity.


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