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Speeding Summer

A quick one, here. I am alive, and amazingly done with half of my college career. God has been good, and helped me over a lot of hurdles I never thought I would’ve gotten through. I’ve learned a ton about God, art and design, life, people, and surviving on hospital food while hacking one’s lungs out one’s throat (it’s actually pretty good—I discovered there that I enjoy fried eggs). The road looks rough and long starting out, yet looking back it seems like you began only yesterday. I guess a word of wisdom from the year is the best way to grow and learn and is not to step out hesitantly but to hit the ground running. I mean, eventually, you’ll pass out, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Now the summer’s blazing by, I’m hanging out with some good ol’ friends, some good reading and listening in (of which I’ll write shortly), and getting information gushed at my brain like a firehose at a teacup at my summer job. A good summer.


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