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I take my leave

School begins. Posts will go on hold for a bit. One day I shall return, so think me not dead, gentle readers. Peace.


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Consequences of Ideas

I’ve recently been reading Ravi Zacharias’s book, Can Man Live Without God? It’s an excellent, thought provoking read. When man arrogantly declares that “God is dead,” yet is unable to provide a viable argument , mankind becomes nothing but an animal. Surface morality may exist, but utopia will never be reached with a worldview that preaches senselessness and chaos. When man begins to formulate his own moral code, deciding what is and isn’t permissible, society breaks down. A new up-coming documentary, Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, looks at the deadly consequences of evolutionary thought. Before you declare God dead, be an honest seeker of the truth.

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iMac Refresh

I have to say, it does look impressive, though I do have some reservations about some of Apple’s recent design decisions. The super-slim design of the machine and new keyboard? Gorgeous. I’ve really like the aluminum look of the pro machines, but with the clean white look having been Apple’s way of distinguishing their consumer from their pro line, it feels a little weird. So does the black around the screen, though I think I would get used to it quickly. I just wonder, does this mean the whole Mac line is going aluminum? Will an aluminum MacBook come? If not, it feels like we have a style gap within the consumer line. Anyway, it’s a good value for a sweet, futuristic machine.

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