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The Circle

I picked up Black in a bookstore. I’d heard of it before. I sat down and read the prologue, just to get a taste for Dekker’s writing (click here for the prologue). Heart racing and palms sweaty, I knew this one went on my holiday wishlist. A few days after Christmas I was done with Black and ready for Red. It was also heartily devoured. Let’s just say Dekker’s made me a fan. The Circle is probably the most captivating, fast-paced, imaginative fiction I’ve ever read. The spiritual insights are strong throughout, rivaling The Chronicles of Narnia. The series is just a must-read. The only reason I haven’t started into White is because I have a term paper to write, and there’s no way I can concentrate if it’s nearby, unfinished.

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Myst Online

I’m really excited for Cyan as I see more news come out. I won’t be able to join the fun for awhile, but I’m excited to hear that Myst Online will be coming to the Mac after all. I hope they can maintain some good creativity and not totally suffer from Myst-burnout. But what I see so far looks cool. There is so little originality in the gaming world right now. Cyan has an artistic, story-driven vision that I hope people will continue to appreciate for years to come.

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Here starts my blogging with WordPress. I’ve had a fairly good experience with Blogger until the upgrade not long ago. I appreciated the flexibility of full code control, but the changes to the code structure made it a real headache, and the hundreds of coding errors it produced made me turn to WordPress. One day I’ll get the full deal.

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