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Desiring God $5 Sale

Just checked my email unfortunately late. Today (and yesterday) you can purchase anything from the Desiring God online store for only $5! Piper is such an wonderful author, touching deep intellectual truth and stirring the heart. I’m going through Desiring God right now, and it is powerful stuff.

My church singles group is starting Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life DVD series, too. More thoughts on that to come.


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Amazing Innovators

Apple never ceases to amaze me. I love the new, simple but elegant look of Leopard looks absolutely amazing…it’s gorgeous, and the new features just perfect an already amazing OS. The use of iTunes-style sidebars, greater use of transparency, and the lack of aluminum-themed windows are welcomed here. So is Time Machine, Spaces, custom Widgets, and much more. Safari 3 is also welcomed, not to mention its new Windows version. Great things to come.

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Immigration Bill Fails

The verdict is in on illegal immigration. There’s been outrage over this in conservative circles since it came up. Frankly, I don’t know what Bush is thinking sometimes. He says it’s not amnesty, but what exactly is your definition of a bill that says, “Yeah, you came here illegally, but it’s okay. Just sign here and give us a few thousand bucks, and you can stay! No worries about the registration process. It’s all good.” I’m sorry. I’m all for helping people get a better life, but illegal immigrants are a serious drain on our economy and we don’t even know where they are. Condoning it will only encourage it.

The border? It needed tightened…years ago. This to me is one of Bush’s biggest failures. If we’re so extremely worried about the war on terror, why have we left our borders gaping for so long, allowing anybody to waltz over from South America or Canada, and wreak havoc? Do we need to deal with terrorism in Iraq, Iran, North Korea? Certainly. It’s time we started using all our non-military means of squeezing supporters of terrorism before we move in. But if we don’t try to secure the borders, it could all be in vain. Build the walls and establish more efficient processes of registration and validation (and it shouldn’t require hundreds of pages of new legislation to accomplish it). In doing so, we’ll reward those who try to come here legally and give them their proper place in the waiting line.

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I’m With Fred

Fred Thompson looks like he’s going to run. I really hope people rally behind him. I’m not saying he’s the top choice yet, but so far I’m just not nearly as impressed with the current pickings as I am with him. He looks like he could be another Reagan, and boy do we need one today. The Republicans of today are becoming wishy-washy conservatives, if conservative at all. Many (Giuliani, McCain) are more liberals than conservatives. The democrats of today are outright socialists. They’re trying to pull on the “religious” side of America with fake ploys about their faith (yeah, in Marx!)—don’t believe it. Tired of the way thing’s are going? I think I might be siding with Fred.

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