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A Health Care Smackdown

So President Obama makes a desperate push to see his vision for nationalized healthcare realized. More and more people are waking up to the reality of what this means. This will be one more, large and intimidating step, building on many smaller steps before it, to allow the government a firmer hold on your life. Before, it sounded like a whacked-out conspiracy theory. No longer. It means people who may begin in the national plan or seek to switch from an old provider will be locked into it, unable to decide for themselves if they want higher quality coverage. It hasn’t worked in Europe. England knows it. People hate it. It means, as is being much hyped, the old man afflicted with cancer may just be handed a pain pill because the government—not you—will have the right to say, “You’re old, and we don’t feel like spending our limited funds to keep you alive. Have a nice day.” Isn’t it nice to know how much your government loves protecting your rights? Obama is getting hasty, he’s noticing his polls are dropping, and even some democrats are fidgeting over jumping on the bandwagon. More and more, Americans are making their voices heard. If we don’t speak up and make an attempt to save our rights, what will we say to the next generation?

Visit Sean Hannity’s site to download lists of representatives and senators. It’s time for a health “care” smackdown.


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Sinner and Freedom of Speech

Just finished Dekker’s latest book, Sinner. This close (or beginning?) to the mind-bending Paradise novels was as good as ever, ranking at the top of my favorites list. While maybe not as gripping as previous books, Sinner was a breath of fresh air in contrast to Showdown‘s darker feel. It’s still suspenseful and dramatic, but it’s a celebration&a celebration of the fact that the light has come to dispel darkness. But it’s also a sobering, engaging read because the story of Sinner may soon be our own.

A world with an increasing cry for tolerance is, ironically, increasingly intolerant of those who disagree with their worldview. Dekker’s envisioned future where vocalizing one’s faith qualifies as a hate crime may be right on our doorstep. Recently, a UN bill combating the “defamation of religions” was again recently rejected, but a few manufactured events (as in Sinner) could easily change the climate of opinions. With the coming of a president who shows disdain for those clinging to their “guns and religion,” we who follow the way of Jesus must be faithful to proclaim the kingdom of light, the One who was the Word made flesh.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:1-5.

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Spotlight on Israel

Back for the holidays. I’ve been eating the Christmas fixins, drinking egg nog, working on a design portfolio, and recently I’ve been keeping close tabs on Israel’s assault on Gaza. The world scene is volatile, with economies reeling. Yet despite the fact that flat-out genocide has been going on in Africa for months and years in places, the whole world is stopping to focus on Israel’s attacks on the tiny Gaza strip. Watching CNN video yesterday I’m just amazed at how dense (or should I say corrupt?) the media is about the conflict, as is the UN and many of our lovely leaders in Washington. Doesn’t Israel want peace, they ask? Why are the Jews such hateful war-mongers as to actually presume the necessity to defend their own people, to act in the interest of their children threatened with a bloody death from the rocket attacks and suicide bombers sent by Hamas…from Gaza? Israel has always had a right to their land. It was their home from the beginning. Russia, Iran, and other hostile nations are backing the terrorists, and the hundreds of attacks on Israeli towns go largely unreported. When will the world realize that we can’t end the bloodshed by attempting to appease a radical enemy whose sole desire is a deathwish for the Jews? Step out of the way, encourage peace-loving Arabs to leave, and let Israel finish the job.

For more updates from a different perspective, check out ACLJ and sign their petition of solidarity with Israel.

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Russia Shows Its Color

And it seems to be red. Russia’s overreaction to Georgia’s move to take South Ossetia is ominous. My first college research paper was a history paper on the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, and I’ve wondered for awhile if Mr. Putin wasn’t looking for an opportunity to return to those dark days. The way the people of Georgia are fleeing in terror from Russia’s aggression is a warning of what could grow to something much worse. Those of you who cry, “Peace, not war! Let’s just sit down and talk about this”…. Of course. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see where this is heading, but our historically ignorant culture forgets that after Neville Chaimberlain confidently proclaimed “peace for our time,” Hitler began to cut a horrifying swath.

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Pray for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has descended into all-out chaos. Inflation is screaming to the stars. Food is nonexistent. People are starving, and if they speak out, they’re butchered for being disloyal to the government. The people have made their voices heard loud and clear, but Mugabe refuses to back down. Pray for the people of Zimbabwe, that God will provide the innocent with food until the government is dealt with. Why the UN or the US doesn’t try to step in and deal with this problem is beyond me. It’s time to quit having “talks” and act.

Update 6/25/08: Word condemnation of Zimbabwe grows (Good article and videos from MSNBC).

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Slipping through your fingers

It’s silent. Behind the scenes, ignored (but often supported) by an agenda-driven, biased liberal media. Slowly, but surely, your freedoms are being eradicated. Excuses are made for all manner of trash, because it’s “free speech.” Hateful, profane, lewd, violent, racist speech is condoned and ignored every day (unless it’s a white talk show host referencing black female basketball players), but if a peace-loving Christian makes his views known, he is attacked, denounced as radical.

Belief in antithesis (absolute truth) today is viewed as the utter intolerance, and every effort is made to destroy your right to say that you believe in right and wrong. To tell someone you believe their actions are wrong is not hate-speech. To hate all that is wrong and evil that a person does does not mean you hate the individual. Quite the contrary. A biblical Christian believes both in God’s justice, and his love. We are to love everyone, but not necessarily their actions. A call for someone to change their actions is two things: from the perspective of the caller, it is an act of love, to right what is wrong and do good. Only through good actions is true happiness and peace found. To the called, it can be listened to and carefully considered, or it can be ignored. It’s their choice, and they aren’t hurt at all the process. It’s free speech.

Comparison has been made between “radical Muslims” and “radical Christians.” However, a Christian does not force himself or his views on others, unlike Muslim extremists who believe the unbelieving infidel is worthy only of death. The Christian message is simply extended, and can be taken or left. To attempt to silence a peaceful call for change is utterly intolerant, and grates against the very foundations of this nation. The constitution guarantees right to free speech and freedom of religion. Simple comments of faith accepted as truth by the founding fathers of two hundred years ago is called intolerant today. How far we’ve come. It seems our guaranteed freedoms just don’t really apply anymore.

Four bills are quietly being pushed by the radical left. Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink has some details you really need to know about. The vast majority of Americans would no doubt oppose these bills, so the media doesn’t want you to know about them. They’re just not that important, since you obviously would rather hear an endless stream of drivel. America’s moral foundation and freedoms are crumbling fast. One day it will all be gone, and we will have no voice to oppose it. Countless Americans will wake up from being entertained to death and wonder what happened.

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Yet another senseless tragedy. It is just beyond me how a human being can be so hateful to walk around and shooting innocent people, point blank. But if you don’t believe man is made in the image of God, and to be valued, human life is cheap. If there is no God, life is senseless. No point. No reason. No goal, no greater reality. That kind of thinking is driving a new atheistic generation crazy, and it can result in instances like the horror of today. Our prayers are with the families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

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