A Health Care Smackdown

So President Obama makes a desperate push to see his vision for nationalized healthcare realized. More and more people are waking up to the reality of what this means. This will be one more, large and intimidating step, building on many smaller steps before it, to allow the government a firmer hold on your life. Before, it sounded like a whacked-out conspiracy theory. No longer. It means people who may begin in the national plan or seek to switch from an old provider will be locked into it, unable to decide for themselves if they want higher quality coverage. It hasn’t worked in Europe. England knows it. People hate it. It means, as is being much hyped, the old man afflicted with cancer may just be handed a pain pill because the government—not you—will have the right to say, “You’re old, and we don’t feel like spending our limited funds to keep you alive. Have a nice day.” Isn’t it nice to know how much your government loves protecting your rights? Obama is getting hasty, he’s noticing his polls are dropping, and even some democrats are fidgeting over jumping on the bandwagon. More and more, Americans are making their voices heard. If we don’t speak up and make an attempt to save our rights, what will we say to the next generation?

Visit Sean Hannity’s site to download lists of representatives and senators. It’s time for a health “care” smackdown.


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