A Patriot Straggler

It’s July 4th. While I do feel a great debt of gratitude to the men and women who have laid down their lives for this country, who paid the price of freedom, I grieve when I see our government throwing those freedoms into the fan without a care. There aren’t many patriots left. As the media continues to spew hate and attempts to silence any who dare challenge a socialistic agenda, there are few men left who are willing to stand, endure the attacks, and not compromise.

Few men, maybe, but at least a few women.

Sarah Palin’s recent speech announcing her departure from the office of governor stirred a bit of hope back into my soul. Can anyone who is capable of rational thought watch the dignity, character, and selflessness of this woman and not conclude that her ideals and potential are vastly beyond that of the current administration? Her astounding list of accomplishments reinforces her lofty words on cutting government waste for the good of the people. Quite the opposite for our first family who demand that we commoners lower our standard of living for the good of the whole, yet completely ignore their own advice. Mrs. Palin, keep your chin up. And please, please run for 2012.


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