Spotlight on Israel

Back for the holidays. I’ve been eating the Christmas fixins, drinking egg nog, working on a design portfolio, and recently I’ve been keeping close tabs on Israel’s assault on Gaza. The world scene is volatile, with economies reeling. Yet despite the fact that flat-out genocide has been going on in Africa for months and years in places, the whole world is stopping to focus on Israel’s attacks on the tiny Gaza strip. Watching CNN video yesterday I’m just amazed at how dense (or should I say corrupt?) the media is about the conflict, as is the UN and many of our lovely leaders in Washington. Doesn’t Israel want peace, they ask? Why are the Jews such hateful war-mongers as to actually presume the necessity to defend their own people, to act in the interest of their children threatened with a bloody death from the rocket attacks and suicide bombers sent by Hamas…from Gaza? Israel has always had a right to their land. It was their home from the beginning. Russia, Iran, and other hostile nations are backing the terrorists, and the hundreds of attacks on Israeli towns go largely unreported. When will the world realize that we can’t end the bloodshed by attempting to appease a radical enemy whose sole desire is a deathwish for the Jews? Step out of the way, encourage peace-loving Arabs to leave, and let Israel finish the job.

For more updates from a different perspective, check out ACLJ and sign their petition of solidarity with Israel.


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