Concerns on The Shack

William P. Young’s book The Shack seems to be growing more popular every day, but from what I gather of the book’s content, it’s far from the next Pilgrim’s Progress. I’m not trying to discount some positive things those who’ve read the book might’ve seen in it, but whether you’ve read it or have just heard about it, take a few minutes to read Tim Challies’s review at Boundless. Some of the content, dealing with everything from the cross and the nature of salvation to the Trinity, wanders dangerously close to heresy. Don’t be too hasty to jump on the bandwagon and applaud The Shack.

Some of the things mentioned in Challies’s review discus whether Christ is the only way to God, or one path of many, as well as the nature of the established church. I commend being open-minded, but not when it leads to questioning established doctrines of the faith, clear teaching of Scripture, or even the existence of absolute truth. Young’s borderline unitarian thinking feels like something of the ideas flowing from strains of the emergent church movement, on which I recommend Justin Taylor’s New Attitude message, A New Kind of Christianity. If your mind is too open your brains will fall out.


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  1. rulookingforjesus

    I signed on today and just looking around. Someone in my office can in a starting speaking shak. Without even really looking at what my page I was on your blog on the page and she was speaking to me. So I read your blog about the shak. Keep up the good work you do.

    Grace and Peace to you

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