A Switcher Story

My MacBook, Kensington Pocket Mouse, and Canon PIXMA 600 arrived on Friday. Since I’ve been having a blast setting it up, organizing some picts from my Powershot, music, downloading some game demos, playing with FrontRow and all the cool little things that make OS X great.

When the new books came out, I knew I wasn’t waiting around for SantaRosa. I wanted to be pretty familiar with everything by the time I went to college in August. So far performance has been good, nice and fast. I’m sure it’ll run Office and Adobe apps fine. Screen real-estate is just right to me…much smaller than a 13-incher and it would feel cramped, and to me a 15-inch MacBook Pro is just a little too big for lugging around in a backpack all day. The main thing I’m sacrificing here is a dedicated card. No, you won’t get the game experience of a high-end NVIDIA card, but on low settings it runs pretty well. You can run more than Apple’s suggested games. Right now I’ve tried demos of realMyst, Jedi Academy, Battlefield 1942, Age of Empires III, and I’ve installed the full version of Myst V: End of Ages. All of the first four run great on low or mid-range settings. Myst V runs okay, if you can handle an occasional jerky framerate. But if you’re a crazy hard-core gamer who always has to have the latest hardware, you’ll naturally look elsewhere. For me, the MacBook just works.

The Kensington PocketMouse is perfect to throw in a backpack. a bit small at first glance. I’ve got large hands, but got used to it quickly. The silver is a perfect match to other peripherals. I considered a wired MightyMouse, but decided against it after reading so many negative reviews. For a $50 price tag, I wasn’t going to risk it.

The printer turned out to be a bit large, and I’m hoping I can squeeze it in my dorm. I decided to go with the PIXMA 600 after reading CNET’s especially positive review. Any suggestions on a good college printer would be appreciated, but I’m leaning toward sticking with it.


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