Green Balance

Our world is toxic. Dangerous chemicals and substances surround us and are taking a toll on our health. Our medical community looks at the symptoms and works up new drugs to help with side effects, instead of searching for root causes. Thankfully, more and more people are becoming educated on environmental dangers and are helping move to positive change.

I’m excited to read Steve Job’s recent words about Apple’s work to be more “green”. Hopefully others will do the same. I’m looking forward to an LED MacBook!

A word to many fellow conservatives: Don’t over-react to extreme, crazed environmental groups who would rather hug a tree than a person. Yes, they are pretty wacked out in ways. Many have to no standards to define the importance of human life over animal/tree life, etc. There is a difference. The world was made for man, not vice versa. But God told man to tend the earth and be good stewards of it. So be green-friendly, but not Al Gore-style.


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