Count to Thr3e

Checked out Thr3e last night. My thoughts?

Overall, the quality was pretty good. As a fan of the book, I have to say I like the story. The environments of the movie was a little overly dark in places in my opinion, making it seem a little less believable to up the fear factor. Not exactly how I pictured it, but close. But it’s far from a real horror film…a good psychological thriller. Since it’s under the Fox Faith name, there was thankfully no language, no gore, no innuendo. The acting was fair, in some places a bit flat. Music could’ve been much more prevalent and creative, but sufficed in backing the setting. To me the bigger disappointment was lack of spiritual content. Dekker has said he isn’t really out to preach in his stuff, but some of the good spiritual content in the book was cut out, leaving little that makes you think.

Want a family-friendly thriller? It’s worth checking out.


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