Slipping through your fingers

It’s silent. Behind the scenes, ignored (but often supported) by an agenda-driven, biased liberal media. Slowly, but surely, your freedoms are being eradicated. Excuses are made for all manner of trash, because it’s “free speech.” Hateful, profane, lewd, violent, racist speech is condoned and ignored every day (unless it’s a white talk show host referencing black female basketball players), but if a peace-loving Christian makes his views known, he is attacked, denounced as radical.

Belief in antithesis (absolute truth) today is viewed as the utter intolerance, and every effort is made to destroy your right to say that you believe in right and wrong. To tell someone you believe their actions are wrong is not hate-speech. To hate all that is wrong and evil that a person does does not mean you hate the individual. Quite the contrary. A biblical Christian believes both in God’s justice, and his love. We are to love everyone, but not necessarily their actions. A call for someone to change their actions is two things: from the perspective of the caller, it is an act of love, to right what is wrong and do good. Only through good actions is true happiness and peace found. To the called, it can be listened to and carefully considered, or it can be ignored. It’s their choice, and they aren’t hurt at all the process. It’s free speech.

Comparison has been made between “radical Muslims” and “radical Christians.” However, a Christian does not force himself or his views on others, unlike Muslim extremists who believe the unbelieving infidel is worthy only of death. The Christian message is simply extended, and can be taken or left. To attempt to silence a peaceful call for change is utterly intolerant, and grates against the very foundations of this nation. The constitution guarantees right to free speech and freedom of religion. Simple comments of faith accepted as truth by the founding fathers of two hundred years ago is called intolerant today. How far we’ve come. It seems our guaranteed freedoms just don’t really apply anymore.

Four bills are quietly being pushed by the radical left. Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink has some details you really need to know about. The vast majority of Americans would no doubt oppose these bills, so the media doesn’t want you to know about them. They’re just not that important, since you obviously would rather hear an endless stream of drivel. America’s moral foundation and freedoms are crumbling fast. One day it will all be gone, and we will have no voice to oppose it. Countless Americans will wake up from being entertained to death and wonder what happened.


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